You are about to go on a journey...a Quest, so to speak. One like no other.

In the next five years, J.L. Rothdiener will release five novels, each entirely different, but yet with a common theme. Each main character is on a Quest.

The first in the series is The Quest for Forgiveness which deals with a young girl on a "Quest" to discover who she really is and where she came from. Everyone of us can relate to this young girl somewhere along life's beaten path.

The second in this series is A Quest for Skye. The story of a young girl who was everything all of us should be.

Just released, the third in this series is The Quest for Freedom. It is a story of honor, bravery, responsibility, and liberty.

So get a hot cup of coffee, sit back in your easy chair by the fireplace, and go on a Quest. You will laugh, you will cry, above all, you will enjoy. Oh...put that coffee in a thermos...Once you start reading you will not want to get up.